Monday, October 8, 2012

Social Media in Time of Crisis

The 'oversharing' on social media has raised a few questions this week.  It's one thing to have a website and tell thousands of complete strangers every detail of your life.  It's another to use the social media to stalk, or possibly to commit crimes.

As a Hostage Negotiator for the police, I had to deal with the 'barricaded gunman' or the 'distraught boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse' that were threatening to take their own life or that of another.  It is law enforcements opinion that it is in everyone's best interest that the police are allowed to do what they are trained to do, and not have the news reporters or a Facebook friend telling the person their opinions or reporting police movements, etc.

What are your opinions on the police being allowed legally (or have the technical ability) to shut down a persons media contacts--telephone, computer, Internet, Face Time, Twitter, etc?